About Safe Drive Systems

For today’s drivers, distractions are everywhere, bringing with them the threat of a devastating collision. A Safe Drive System, using the latest in auto safety technology, can help you prevent a dangerous accident and the costly consequences. Using advanced camera and radar technology, anyone can benefit from the same type of collision prevention systems available in luxury cars.

Everyone is guilty of distracted driving from time to time, and if you have a teen driver, adding a collision warning system is a must for their safety and those around them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Safe Drive Systems?

Safe Drive Systems is a company that offers collision avoidance products for drivers looking for advanced warning of imminent danger. Safe Drive Systems uses radar technology that scans 20 times per second to measure any vehicle’s distance in any weather or light condition. Safe Drive Systems also offers a lane departure camera to detect your car’s position on the road.

What Products are offered?

The RD-140 and the RD-140 RDR are both available for purchase. Both products are collision prevention systems with audio and visual warnings. Having these warning systems in place can prevent you from head-on collisions, lateral impact collisions, and veering off the road.


I feel much better when she is driving with this system installed. It offers us a peace of mind that is priceless. Thank you!

Wilsy T, NJ

I have spent the last two days driving on the highway and I am delighted your system works just as it promises in your ads. Great!

Eleanor, Astoria, NY

The system is also making me much more conscious about drifting out of my lane.. Thank you for a good product and excellent staff.

Susan, Pittsburg, PA

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