Is the Conference Call that Important

Man with hands-free device in car, side view

Many commuters in the workforce these days face a dilemma: do they ensure their safety while on the road and leave mobile devices alone, or do they maximize flexibility and productivity by taking calls and getting work done on the way to and from work? Read More »

What You May Not Realize is Distracting You

Make-up (Small)We’re all aware of the dangers of texting, making phone calls, applying last minute makeup, or checking social media when behind the wheel.  However, there are many activities which can take your eyes and mind away from the task at hand.  Taking your eyes off the road for as little as two seconds, doubles your risk of being involved in a crash.  This is why it is important to realize everything that may lead to distraction and potential collision when you are behind the wheel.  Read More »

How Drinking Can Affect Your Driving

Studies show that as many as 30 people die every day as a result of alcohol-impaired driving.  This means that a death occurs every 51 minutes due to choices to drink and drive.  These deaths are completely preventable and the first step is to understand how alcohol affects your body and your ability to drive safely. Read More »

Are You Aware of Your Surroundings

Lady looking back while reversing.When driving, it is crucial to be alert to your surroundings, such as traffic patterns ahead of you, the condition of the roads—and what’s going on behind you. Checking your mirrors or looking over your shoulder are often necessary parts of safe driving, but they can also pose a risk in many situations. Read More »

Texting While Driving is Not a Good Mix

Mixed Race Woman Texting and DrivingMobile phones have had a dramatic effect on the way we communicate, making it possible to reach people in places and situations that wouldn’t have been reachable before. Texting has become popular among nearly all age groups, but it is especially prevalent among teens. Read More »

Driving Safety Tips to Prevent an Accident

The vast majority of motor vehicle accidents that occur in the U.S. are due to human error. While accident rates have been declining, they are still staggeringly high, mostly due to simple mistakes people make while driving. Fortunately, there are many things drivers can do to minimize the risk of being injured in an accident while on the road. Read More »

5 Factors that Lead to Irresponsible Teen Driving

Parents of teen drivers may worry about their kids when they’re on the road—and with good reason. According to the CDC, in the year of 2011 alone, nearly 292,000 teens between the ages of 16 and 19 received emergency treatment for serious injuries suffered in vehicle accidents. In addition to this staggering figure, roughly 2,650 teens died in crashes. This represents a large portion of accidents in the U.S., even though teen drivers represent a comparatively small percentage of the population. Read More »

Important Safety Measures for Senior Drivers

The older you get, the more precious your independence becomes. Physical, mental, and emotional ailments of all varieties come in and begin to pose limits on your way of life, including your ability to get around. While driving can help you feel more independent, it can also be dangerous for those who are starting to feel a little worn out. Read More »