Using Technology to Reduce Accidents in Your Fleet

Close your eyes and picture this scenario in your mind. It’s a typical Wednesday morning like any other ordinary day. You arrive in the office and brief your drivers on being safe on the road and prepare them for the day ahead. You head back to your desk at the office and you are continuously checking your phone knowing you will receive a call that one of your drivers has been involved in an auto collision.

During lunchtime that exact scenario becomes a reality. You receive a phone call that your driver has been involved in an auto collision. It is just another headache because your driver was distracted and didn’t have enough time to brake. You are required to pick up your driver because the vehicle is not drivable, and he needs a ride. This prevents your driver from completing his day of work, costs you your time to have the vehicle brought to the shop, pick up your driver and the costs of repairs. Your driver begins to tell his story. It sounds a little like this…. 

His shift begins and he climbs into his vehicle. As usual, he turns on the ignition and begins driving. The radio is mid volume and your favorite song begins to play. His cell phone is in the middle section of the vehicle and he hears a loud beep. He looks down and the phone falls through the middle gap of the seat. He attempts to grab it, but he can’t reach it. By the time he looks up he realizes he is about to collide into the car in front of him. At this point there is nothing he can do except hit the car in front of him. How many seconds did he turn his head to look down? One second? Two seconds, max?

It takes 2 seconds for him to look up back at the road and to slam on the brakes. Guess what? He has already hit the car in front of him. His reaction time needed to be at least 3 seconds for him to avoid that collision.

What if I told you by installing our system you would have had five and a second pair of eyes that would be scanning the road constantly even when your driver is not? Safe Drive Systems is a customized collision avoidance technological system integrated with an FMS. It can be integrated into a preexisting FMS system, ELD etc. or we can provide one for you (one stop shop for all your needs). It has real time alerts for the driver and the fleet manager, both audio and visual, which accounts for human error. Overtime, it positively changes driver behavior and performance

Despite our reluctance of technology, it truly can make a significant impact on our lives in a positive way. It’s time to embrace change and recognize that it’s not there to replace us, but rather to help us to become better. Initially, it will be scary as any change is, but in the end, it will improve our way of life. Now is the time to embrace the tools we have and begin to alter our mindset. Let’s use what’s available to help us rather than resisting what is inevitable.

Maybe by utilizing this new technology we can avoid or prolong the eradication of humans driving all together. It’s possible to change the future in our favor. Let’s begin the process Join us in predicting the road ahead. Join us in changing the present and the possibility of the future.