Introducing AI-pro
Revolutionize Fleet Management with AI Precision

Welcome to the future of fleet management with AI-pro. Our cutting-edge package combines the exceptional capabilities of our AI-powered InSIGHT 90 dash camera with a comprehensive telematics integration, delivering intelligent driver monitoring, GPS tracking and a new standard for safety.

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Robust driver monitoring to address risky habits and promote a safer driving culture
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Real-time alerts and event detection powered by AI

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Access to our fleet management platform for 24/7 real-time control 

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HDR recordings from both road-facing and in-cabin vantage points

If dash cams are what you’re looking for, AI-pro is for you. Combining crystal clear HDR dash cam footage, AI driven alerts both in-cab and on the road in real time, proactive maintenance management, optional ELD add-on and access to our fleet management platform.

AI-Powered Real-Time Alerts

 Experience the unparalleled power of AI-driven, dash cam alerts and event detection, so your drivers have the power of advance collision avoidance in real-time, protecting them mile after mile. AI-pro gives the driver audible alerts, at increasing intensity, for over 22 signals including pedestrians, distracted driving alerts like cell phone usage, and drowsiness. These alerts ensure your driver corrects risky driving behaviors before they cause an incident; Providing proactive safety measures makes all the difference on the road.


Robust Driver Monitoring

Address risky habits and foster a safer driving culture within your fleet. AI-pro offers robust driver monitoring, with the ability to detect over 22 signals and provide customizable alerts to your safety team. This data is used to generate easily digestible reports to provide insights into your drivers and your fleet. Helping you keep a vigilant eye on driver behavior, so you can quickly and rectify risky habits for safer roads.

HDR Recordings from All Angles

See the full picture with HDR recordings from both road-facing and in-cabin vantage points. Plus with the InSIGHT 90 dash cam, you can add up to 5 total cameras for a 360° view for crystal-clear visibility from every angle. performance, track trends, and access comprehensive reporting services, all in real-time, 24/7.


Full-Scale, 24/7, Fleet Management Platform

This extremely user friendly platform is highly customizable giving you the power to monitor, manage, and optimize your entire fleet effortlessly from a centralized hub. Saving you time, and money, by streamlining your operations for maximum efficiency.

AI-pro is not just a package; it’s a paradigm shift in fleet management. With the intelligence of AI, comprehensive insights, and unmatched safety features, AI-pro empowers you to optimize your fleet’s performance, ensure safer driving practices, and secure a brighter, more efficient future. Unlock the potential of your fleet with AI-pro today.

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