Elevate Fleet Safety and Efficiency with InSIGHT 80 - The Ultimate ADAS HD Dashcam for Intelligent Accident Prevention and Driver Risk Management

Real-time Insights, Advanced Coaching, and Cloud-based Analytics are Just Some of the Features the InSIGHT 80 has to offer

The InSIGHT 80 is a cutting-edge ADAS HD dashcam specifically designed to revolutionize fleet safety and optimize operational efficiency. With its high-definition road-facing and driver-facing cameras, this advanced system captures crucial incident footage and provides real-time insights for proactive accident prevention. InSIGHT 80 configuration to our Fleet Management Platform offers trend analysis, reporting services, and a suite of intelligent features to enhance driver coaching and accountability. Experience unparalleled peace of mind, protect your assets, and reduce costs with the InSIGHT 80.

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Advanced road-facing detection, analyzation, and alerts with reporting for up to 15 different dangerous driving activities

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HD recordings from a
road-facing camera and
driver-facing camera
which Automatically
stores incident footage.
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real-time audio
and visual alerts

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Alerts to Insights
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Expendable System

Advanced road-facing detection, analyzation, and alerts with reporting for up to 15 different dangerous driving activities

With advanced road-facing detection capabilities, the InSIGHT 80 takes safety and risk management to the next level. It employs sophisticated algorithms to analyze the road environment in real-time, enabling it to detect and report on up to 13 different road-facing dangerous driving activities. From harsh braking and sudden lane changes to tailgating and excessive speeding, the InSIGHT 80 keeps a vigilant eye on driver behavior. By providing timely alerts and comprehensive reporting, it empowers fleet managers to address these risky activities promptly, fostering a culture of safer driving and ultimately reducing the potential for accidents and incidents on the road.

InSIGHT 80 comprehensive list of risky driving behaviors that it can detect and analyze with precision:

Capture every crucial moment on the road with InSIGHT 80's automatic incident footage storage

The InSIGHT 80 is equipped with both a road-facing camera and a driver-facing camera, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your fleet. It goes beyond simple recording by automatically capturing any incidents, near incidents, or risky driving behavior. This feature enables you to easily refer back to the recorded footage and conduct thorough investigations. Whether you need to review an incident or proactively address risky driving behavior, the InSIGHT 80 provides the necessary tools for increased safety and accountability on the road.

Stay one step ahead on the road with InSIGHT 80's game-changing in-cabin real-time audio and visual alerts.

The InSIGHT 80, surpasses what the driver can perceive alone. This advanced technology is designed to detect and alert drivers to critical risky behaviors, including forward collision alerts and more. Through a combination of audio and visual cues, the InSIGHT 80 provides real-time alerts that empower drivers to respond promptly and avert potential incidents. With its integrated display and speaker, this remarkable system keeps drivers informed and vigilant, enhancing their overall safety on the road.

More than Just Detecting

InSIGHT 80 surpasses the basic detection and real-time alerts of risky driving behavior. By seamlessly integrating with our advanced Fleet Management System (FMS), the InSIGHT 80 elevates your fleet management capabilities to new heights. It not only records and logs critical driving events but also provides you with clear and actionable reports and graphs. Unlock the invaluable knowledge that empowers you to optimize your fleet’s performance, enhance safety measures, and drive operational excellence. With InSIGHT 80, you have the tools to transform your fleet management and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Are front-road and in-cabin cameras not enough to meet your specific surveillance needs?

The InSIGHT 80 has a game-changer factor in the industry. What sets it apart from the competition is its remarkable ability to expand its surveillance system by seamlessly integrating up to three additional cameras. This means you can go beyond the standard setup and tailor your monitoring to capture every critical angle and blind spot.

Transportation & Logistics Truck

Cloud Training

Our camera collects road conditions, traffic signal data, and other information related to safe driving,
and this again is offered as a self-learning system.

1. The device itself determines which data to store in the cloud.

2. Stored data are analyzed and learned on the cloud server and create firmware for devices is based on each result. all processes are automated.

3. An improved version of the firmware with driver-wise risk analysis is delivered to each device by OTA.

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