Redefining Driving Safety with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

Unlock the Power of Real-Time Insights and AI-Powered Analysis for Enhanced Safety and Streamlined Fleet Management

InSIGHT 90—the game-changer in safety and efficiency. No more hours wasted on manual video analysis or struggling to detect drowsy drivers. Our dual-facing AI camera automatically alerts you to fatigue risks, ensuring driver well-being. Traffic violations become a breeze to monitor as InSIGHT 90 detects infractions in real-time. Say goodbye to fleet management headaches and embrace end-to-end control. Gain valuable insights, optimize operations, and safeguard your drivers and assets. Experience the future of fleet management with InSIGHT 90—where safety, efficiency, and peace of mind converge.

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Advanced road-facing detection, analyzation, and alerts with reporting for up to 15 different dangerous driving activities

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HD recordings from a
road-facing camera and
driver-facing camera
which Automatically
stores incident footage.
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real-time audio
and visual alerts

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Alerts to Insights
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Expendable System

Advanced road-facing detection, analyzation, and alerts with reporting for up to 15 different dangerous driving activities

Powered by advanced AI technology, our road-facing and in-cabin cameras provide real-time alerts and analysis for a wide comprehensive range of dangerous driving activities. With exceptional accuracy, the InSIGHT 90 detects road-facing behaviors like tailgating, collision warnings, and stop sign violations, while also analyzing in-cabin behaviors such as driver phone use and drowsiness.  Embrace the future of monitoring and addressing risky driving activities with our game-changing AI-powered InSIGHT 90.

InSIGHT 90 comprehensive list of risky driving behaviors that it can detect and analyze with precision:

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Experience the power of HD recordings like never before with the InSIGHT 90's cutting-edge road-facing camera and in-cabin camera.

This dynamic duo automatically captures high-definition footage of the road ahead and inside the vehicle, ensuring that every crucial moment is securely stored. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual recording and save valuable time with the InSIGHT 90’s automatic incident footage storage. Whether it’s capturing near misses, in-cabin behavior, or critical incidents, you can rely on InSIGHT 90 to keep a watchful eye on your fleet. With its seamless integration and intelligent storage capabilities, you’ll have a comprehensive record of events at your fingertips, empowering you to investigate incidents, enhance driver performance, and take proactive measures to ensure safety on the road.

Discover the exceptional technology of the InSIGHT 90 that goes beyond what the driver can see with its Real-time Audio and Visual Alerts.

With its advanced capabilities, this innovative system detects and alerts risky behaviors that may have been missed, such as forward collision, lane departure, and much more.  Through the integration of an LCD display and a speaker, the InSIGHT 90 delivers real-time audio and visual alerts, ensuring drivers are immediately informed and empowered to take action to prevent potential incidents. Experience the peace of mind that comes with enhanced driver awareness and proactive safety measures, thanks to the InSIGHT 90’s unmatched detection and alerting capabilities.

A System that Works for You

The InSIGHT 90 goes beyond mere driver alerts when it comes to detecting risky behavior and near incidents. In addition to alerting the driver in real-time, this advanced system seamlessly integrates with our cutting-edge Fleet Management System (FMS), ensuring that all alerts are logged and recorded within the platform. Say goodbye to manual work and extra effort. The InSIGHT 90 automates the process, providing fleet managers with critical insights and actionable data without any additional burden.

We Got your Back! And Sides, and front!

Besides its incomparable abilities, the InSIGHT 90 has a game-changer factor in the industry. What sets it apart from the competition is its remarkable ability to expand its surveillance system by seamlessly integrating up to three additional cameras. This means you can go beyond the standard setup and tailor your monitoring to capture every critical angle and blind spot.

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