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Introducing Safe Drive Systems' brand new suite of products, designed to simplify your day-to-day, reduce costs, and keep the roads safe for everyone. Combining the latest AI camera technology, radar collision avoidance, and a robust telematics platform we’re a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Our highly customizable systems are revamping how the industry views Fleet & Safety Management.

From telematics to radar, we’ve got you covered no matter what your team’s needs. At Safe Drive Systems our first priority is to provide the best possible experience because we don’t view our clients as customers, we view ourselves as part of your team. We even take on your risk as our own with our Deductible Match Program.

ICON (11)

Unmatched performance
in all weather conditions

ICON (5)

Industry-leading 460-foot range for extended detection

ICON (12)

Exceptional 5-seconds of reaction time

ICON (10)

Comprehensive detection of all vehicle types.

What makes us different? 

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A NextGen telematics system that has been seamlessly integrated with our advanced safety systems to provide a highly customizable, end-to-end solution to handle all of your fleet needs.

foreSIGHT 140

Providing unmatched detection capability, in ANY weather condition, and with an industry-leading 460-foot detection range it provides alerts 3.3x sooner than any AI dash camera on the market. 

The inSIGHT Series

Introducing our cutting-edge camera technology, the InSIGHT Series provides unmatched recording quality and real-time insights. All with AI-powered analysis to prevent accidents, manage operational costs, and improve driver behavior.

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