Safe Drive SMART™ Program

A program for insurance brokers to help their commercial fleet clients save lives, prevent losses, & save money

Empower your commercial fleet clients with the ONLY aftermarket collision avoidance solution in the world.



Safe Drive is a Collision Avoidance System that actively helps your commercial fleet clients save lives, prevent losses, and save money. 

It is the only system that can help prevent accidents before they happen, keeping vehicles on the road and on time. Leveraging a RADAR equipped Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), Safe Drive offers the only aftermarket radar collision prevention available globally.


Drivers in vehicles equipped with Safe Drive have a few more seconds to react to hazards than other drivers! This expanded reaction time means fewer accidents – saving lives of commercial fleet vehicle drivers, other drivers on the road, and pedestrians.


Safe Drive’s collision avoidance system allows drivers to react more quickly to reduce or avoid accidents. This helps your commercial fleet clients keep their drivers safe and avoid downtime, and helps you prevent losses; a winning combination.


The reduced accidents and claims resulting from using Safe Drive translates to better driving records and enables better premiums. This means cost savings for your fleet-operating clients—very welcome news in today’s highly-competitive rates market.


What makes Safe Drive different? 

After an initial adjustment period, the liability frequency for Safe Drive Systems’ (SDS) vehicles outperformed those in the control group. 

The data showed that once the SDS systems were installed in the vehicles, the number of collisions dropped by over 25% after adjusting for other variables.

Amber Ng | Chief Actuary | Berkshire Hathaway GUARD

SOURCE: Yahoo Finance


What is the Safe Drive SMART program? 

It’s a community of like-minded, forward leaning commercial auto insurance agents looking to grow their businesses, deliver excellence in services and solutions, and become leaders in their regions. A program designed to maximize value both to your agency AND to your commercial fleet clients.


Giving Safe Drive to your fleet management customers helps them improve driver safety, reduce accidents, and reduce costs. Their record of reduced accidents then enables you to shop more carrier plans and get better rates for your clients—saving them even more money and earning you their loyalty.


Safe Drive lets fleet managers run their business better, helping them reduce risk, reduce accidents, keep their trucks out of the repair shop, and keep people safe. Improved operations is not only welcome by owners and drivers, it saves money by avoiding costs in insurance, repairs, and downtime.


The Safe Drive SMART program includes various ways for you as a referring agent to earn money, through referral bonuses and directly from gaining new clients by promoting the system to fleets in your area.


Is the Safe Drive SMART program right for me? 

Let’s start with one of your clients. Which of your commercial fleet clients has the worst safety record? Let us show you how Safe Drive can quickly transform them into a safer fleet with fewer accidents—and a client that means reduced losses for you.

Contact us to schedule a discussion and we’ll create a pilot project to show you how Safe Drive will be a winning solution for you, your agency, and your clients.