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Photo by Luis Perez Companc on Unsplash

A Former Racing Driver Testifies: “SDS’s Solution Allowed Us to Avoid Quite a Few Wrecks”

When it comes to the dangers of driving a car, Jeremy knows...

The Importance of Anti-Collision Systems for Insurers

Traffic accidents cost insurance companies huge amounts of money. And while only...

Using Technology to Reduce Accidents in Your Fleet

Close your eyes and picture this scenario in your mind. It’s a...

What is the role of technology in accident prevention and what’s the best solution?

The insurance industry has always been the leaders in identifying risks, creating...

Yes, If You’re Over 60, You Can Still Drive with the Confidence of a 30-Year-Old

By the time we've become senior citizens, the odds are that we've...

SDS’s Radar Anti-Collision Telematic System Not Only Saves Lives, It’s Also Affordable

Road Accidents Are a Mortal Problem According to the National Safety Council,...
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