Safe Drive Systems Announces Strategic Partnership with AXA XL North America Construction

New York, NEW YORK, November 12, 2020 −  Safe Drive Systems (“SDS”), a leading developer and distributor of advanced auto-safety technologies, is collaborating with AXA XL, a division of AXA, to enable integration of SDS’ tech solutions into AXA XL’s Construction Ecosystem.  SDS will showcase its unique proactive hardware and services for commercial auto safety in the Construction Ecosystem platform for AXA XL clients seeking to implement tech that may substantially mitigate their auto-risk exposure on the road.

According to Safe Drive Systems Chief Executive Officer Tuvi Cohen, “Everyone at SDS is excited to begin this journey with AXA XL. We admire AXA XL’s relentless commitment to providing its clients with the absolute best service.  This initiative is an extension of that dedication and mirrors our objective at Safe Drive Systems.  We strive to cultivate long-standing partnerships with our clients, which is why we believe this collaboration with AXA XL is the perfect fit for our company.”

AXA XL’s Construction Ecosystem is an integrated digital platform, employing aggregated industry data combined with the capability to connect to innovative construction technologies employed by AXA XL’s contractor clients to provide them with unique insights and benchmarks to help manage risks on their jobsites and across their organizations.  AXA XL’s clients have access to purchase tech solutions from AXA XL’s preferred tech partners with terms available only to AXA XL clients.  SDS will be one of AXA XL’s preferred tech partners and focus on engaging those AXA XL clients who have a commercial auto-risk exposure in their business portfolio. SDS’s proactive collision mitigation technology solutions strive to lower the frequency and severity of auto collisions in a meaningful way that benefits all involved.

“Safe Drive Systems is more than a tech provider,” added Cohen. “Our mission is to make the roads a safer place through the use of technology.  It drives everything we do, but we have never forgotten the importance of the human aspect of our business.  We understand that technology is only as good as the user, which is why servicing our clients is such an important aspect of what we do here.  Our focus is on ensuring clients are imbedding the proper solutions into their vehicles which are customized for their unique risk profile in order to achieve success.  This is precisely why we provide a careful review of each client’s loss history, fleet composition and industry before pairing them with a tech solution.  Safe Drive Systems concentrates on data, in-depth analysis and careful review of the facts, which is closely aligned with the capabilities of AXA XL’s Construction Ecosystem platform. Adding value to their initiative integrates seamlessly with our business model.”

According to Gary Kaplan, President of Construction at AXA XL and CEO of AXA XL North America Construction, “We’re excited to welcome SDS as a partner in our ecosystem.  Managing risk is an imperative in the construction industry.  By bringing diverse technologies together for our clients, we are helping our clients gain a more complete picture of their risk, often in real time.  Keeping a careful watch on their risks with technology solutions like those provided by SDS allows our clients to take the appropriate risk management actions that keep their project running on time and their people and profit margin protected.”  

More information on Safe Drive Systems’ partnership with AXA XL North America Construction is available by contacting Justine Del Prete, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Safe Drive Systems, at or 646-780-7602.

About Safe Drive Systems

Founded in 2013, Safe Drive Systems designs, manufactures and distributes aftermarket technological solutions for the automotive industry. Safe Drive Systems is the leading developer of a unique radar and camera-based collision avoidance system integrated with a fleet management system. With more than 100,000 units worldwide, the company continues to bring its technology to an ever-expanding number of fleets, households and regions — all in the pursuit of a safer road ahead. More information is available at

About AXA XL North America Construction

AXA XL’s North America Construction insurance business includes dedicated construction underwriters providing primary and excess casualtyprofessional liabilitybuilders risk, wrap ups, subcontractor default, and pollution insurance, accompanied by risk engineering services to help clients’ loss prevention and safety efforts and construction claims expertise. 

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