Safe Drive Systems for

Delivery Trucks

Your business depends on the punctuality of your drivers, every time. Safe Drive Systems will ensure your drivers arrive on time and in the safest manner possible. Prevent accidents to avoid costly delays and to ensure your deadlines are achieved.

Enforce fleet safety with Safe Drive Systems, the most advanced radar collision prevention, fleet management and collision avoidance system.

Accidents Happen.
Now they don’t have to.
Safe Drive Systems effectively predicts and prevents accidents for delivery trucks
2-in-1 Radar
and Camera

No two collision avoidance systems
are created the same. Our radar provides visibility when the camera sensors are compromised by adverse weather conditions, both day and

Reduce Costs

Fewer insurance claims, fewer personal injury lawsuits and less cargo damage. Safe Drive helps you keep your vehicles — and what’s inside them — in mint condition.

Downsize Downtime

Powerful analytic tools track route efficiency, driving habits and safety protocols. See what your best drivers are doing, and bring the rest up to speed.

Stop accidents
in their tracks.
An all-inclusive system featuring:
Camera location
Real-time Analytics

Monitor your fleet on the move with GPS tracking, downtime reporting, fuel economy assessments and much more.

Driver Alert System

Improve driver safety with in-cab lane departure notifications, speed warnings and forward collision alerts.

Compliance (ELD)

Ensure your drivers meet shift and drive time regulations with electronic logging devices and monitoring.

Video Camera
and Radar Sensors

Safe Drive is the only fleet management system with camera-and-radar tech to help prevent collisions — rain or shine.

Installation & Service

We install the entire solution with 24/7 support and a dedicated representative to regularly assess and improve fleet safety.

Fully Transferable Devices

Protect your Safe Drive investment with devices that can be transferred between different vehicles.

You’re in the driver’s seat

The Safe Drive Fleet Manager Dashboard
Safety Score

Evaluate drivers with a custom safety score through detailed vehicle-by-vehicle reports that compile pedestrian warnings, forward collision warnings and more.

Fleet Efficiency

Assess driver performance and staffng decisions and track vehicle downtime, route efficiency and driving trends.

Mobile App

Track your drivers on the fly with an integrated mobile app that organizes all your driving data with helpful decision-making tools.

Safety Success

Most fleet managers notice a 30-40% improvement in driver behavior in the first 1-2 months.


Take a look under the hood

Before you purchase any fleet management system
FeaturesSafe Drive SystemsMost Competitors

Video Camera

with forward-collision detection


for all-weather collision detection

Driver alert system

with collision prevention, lane departure and more

Real-time GPS Fleet Tracking & Analytics

Compliance Tools / ELD

On-site Installation


12-month warranty


Driver Safety Score Reporting

Dedicated Representative


24/7 support

Protect your fleet, your
business and
your bottom line

90% of car accidents
could be avoided
with 1.5 seconds
of early warning
Safe Drive gives
you 5 seconds
Detection Distance
The longest available

"Once I looked at what’s available, I realized that Safe Drive Systems provided the best ADAS solution out there. Here in Georgia, we get torrential downpours at a moment’s notice, and fog immediately afterwards that can last for half an hour.Visibility can be a nightmare. Safe Drive Systems technology warns me when someone else moves to a different lane and includes slow-speed detection that catches pedestrians. Safe Drive Systems solution has allowed us to avoid quite a few wrecks."

Jeremy Schneider

Former Racing Driver


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